BerlinGamesClub is now back with Super Dashmatch! We are happy to announce that we are going to continue the development of Super Dashmatch. To make the game even more enjoyable for you, we will implement an online multiplayer, more variations, better gameplay and more.

Why are we going to continue the development on Super Dashmatch you might ask. After the first development phase in the Summer of 2016, the game was successful and received rave reviews from the jury, although it was developed within one and a half months. The simple and effective gameplay has convinced the audience during the QA-sessions already. The fun people already had with the game and the outstanding team constellation convinced the jury to let us continue our work.

Where do we want to go with the project? Well, we want to release the game at the end of the semester and we want to promote the game by investing in marketing and social media. BerlinGamesClub is currently active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Google+. We are planning to expand to YouTube and other platforms to increase our range. Stay tuned for updates! As for the game itself, we are going to concentrate on the features our audience demanded. We analysed the reviews of other games in detail to have an overview of what the players are really looking for in a game. The first addition to the game is the online multiplayer. This feature is a must have for our audience and it also extends the lifespan of the game. Furthermore, we are going to offer more variations, there will be more stages and a vaster variety of characters to choose from. We want to make the game even better for you!


The project management is based on SCRUM – an agile method to effectively ship products of any kind. The gaming industry often focuses on agile development and it is said that the organisational work in the gaming industry is years ahead of any comparable industries.


During the semester, we determined our sprint pattern to be two weeks. The whole project was separated into three phases: pre-production, production and polishing. During the pre-production stage, we are going to prepare everything for the next step, the production. This means that the vision of the game is shared within the team, so that we can create concepts for assets, new stages, orbs and features. On the technical side, the programmers are setting up the programming framework to ensure a consistent and transparent code structure, in order to make the code adaptive to future changes. The producers will be setting up the project framework during the pre-production. The goal is to keep the workflow as professional as possible. We decided to start working with Hansoft to prepare the entire team for the professional work in the gaming industry. Our first milestone, called Gate I, will be reached at 9th of June 2017. During Gate I the jury will provide the team with their feedback.


After setting up our framework and sharing the vision, we are going to produce everything we prepared during the pre-production stage. This phase will be divided into three iterations during which we are going to produce all the assets, mechanics and functions. This will be all happening on a feedback-based workflow. The team decides what is going to make it into the game. Additionally, we will test every feature to ensure that it fits into the game. The end of the production stage will be marked by our 2nd milestone – Gate II.


Everything what was implemented in the production phase, is going to be polished up during the polishing phase. At this stage, all of the elements will get new intensity and all elements will reach their final quality. The polishing phase might be longer than the previous phases together. As we are a student project, we split the polishing phase into three sprints. After the polishing stage is finished, we will reach our final milestone – The Goldmaster.


We are now two weeks into the project and we passed the pitch at the Games Academy on 13.04.2017. We received valuable and constructive feedback, that we are going to implement right now.


If you want to keep in touch with our development process, join us on our social media channels! Thanks for your support!



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